Week 17 / March 1

Today was a very busy day for BAPSCI. Early in the morning we had a guest speaker Senika, who was talking about her projects and her business - LUVINBLING. It was very inspirational for me. I was struggling with what exactly I want to do with my website and my final project. When I saw the amount of projects she is doing having a completely separate business, I have decided I will do similar thing, my website will be my personal portfolio website where i will offer graphic design services. After some time when I will feel comfortable I will create a separate website with my upcoming clothing.

Had a great lunch and chat with these two. I will definitely miss them when we finish our degree.

After lunch we went to Seed, Jon prepared for us another task which is a Business Elevator Pitch. Sounds exciting! We also had a guest speaker Michael from splendid apple who was talking about his story and experience in business.