Week 25 / April 26

Almost the whole week was spent finishing and polishing the dissertation and to my sorrow I left too little time for finishing my business plan. I panicked and basically there wasn't any choice for me but to send my unfinished business plan to Jon. This is the first time in my life when I submitting something unfinished, I was filling horrible.

Despite the business plan, I was quite satisfied with my dissertation. It is difficult for me to write, discuss or argue in English, because it is not my first language, but I still try my best every time. This is why I like to do practical work more than academic, because of the language. It just takes more time for me to write down an academic sentence than a basic student, because firstly I think about the sentence or a subject in my native language, then I will recreate it or translate it to English and then I will write it down. Sometimes it will be with some mistakes, that's why I need to be very careful with my writing. Especially, because I had a quite unique theme for a dissertation, there wasn't enough information on the web and even less information in the library about Cyrillic script and clothing with Russian lettering. It was a challenge for me.