Week 26 / May 10

Just a few days left till the final presentation. The t shirt design is ready and I have already spoke to printing team in Leicester College, I am going to print them at the end of this week. I have bought 6 white t-shirts with a decent quality and different styling as well. 

I have also agreed with my fellow photographer to have a photo shoot. I have booked a studio in Margaret's campus this Thursday, we will do a product shoot. Then, next day on Friday I have booked a hotel room in Ramada Hotel and asked my friends to join us as well, I will have 2 model girls and me and my friend as 2 model guys. We will do a photo shoot for a look book of a brand on Friday. 

The most important thing is for me to have time to edit all of this content and produce a look book till Tuesday's presentation. I would also like to have a printed look book. Hopefully guys from the printing department will make it in time if I will come early Monday. I hope it will be ready Tuesday in the morning. That would be great.