Week 7 / November 2

So today we had a Creative Garden Networking Event which I personally really enjoyed. There was some tea and coffee together with some cookies and rolls, which was pleasant. We had great guest speakers and the most exciting thing was a competition at the end. The rules were - to take some pictures in the city and publish them on you Instagram. The best pictures will be chosen by Jon and other professionals. The prize was a 20 pound voucher to spend at Phoenix Cinema. I have got an Instagram and always trying to post interesting pictures, I always edit them beforehand, so they would look even better. I decided that I have all the chances to win this competition and me, Simba, Hannah and Adam went for a 30 - 50 minute walk to get those pictures done. The photographs that I took were quite good, I already knew i would be at least in top 5, because not everyone participated. Finally, to my surprise I won the competition, I was really happy and proud that my lecturers and other professionals have chosen my pictures. There is a gallery just underneath, click on the picture and you will see more photographs!